• Kyle Murphy personal trainer at Murph's Gym Chilliwack

    Kyle Murphy

    Owner - Kyle is a WNBF Pro who has competed in numerous bodybuilding shows throughout his career. He knows the dedication needed to hit the stage and displays an equal amount of passion in helping his clients of all fitness levels. He is the in-house Competition Prep coach and has led many Members to success on the stage.

  • Peter personal trainer at Murph's Gym Chilliwack

    Peter Bartman

    Peter believes in helping people become more physically capable for any part of their life. His guiding principles are longevity, injury resistance, and progression. He stands behind the statement that "exercise is medicine." He is an avid outdoor recreationalist and spends his time in the mountains when he's not at work. He grew up playing competitive youth soccer, and now plays recreationally. He has lived in Chilliwack his whole life, and completed his Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology at The University of the Fraser Valley. 

  • Taylor McArthur

    Taylor is a Chilliwack local from birth and actively participated in numerous sports throughout her early schooling. She fell in love with weight training post high school which led her to pursue a Minor in Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley, graduating in April 2021. She continued to further her education with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) where she became accredited as a Certified Personal Trainer. Taylor strongly believes that all individuals need to find a form of movement that they love, and she hopes that she can help you find that passion.

  • Paige personal trainer at Murph's Gym Chilliwack

    Paige Kouwenhoven

    Paige grew up in Chilliwack, and competed in gymnastics for 12 years. She received her bachelor in Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley. Her top priority is ensuring her clients feel comfortable and confident in the gym by promoting body positivity, self-love and acceptance. Paige has a passion for helping improve mobility and strength to help decrease pain. When Paige is not at the gym you will find her in the mountains, tending to her plants or doing crafts.

  • Ben Ethier

    Ben is passionate about health and fitness. He is primarily focused on sports performance training. Ben played minor hockey for 12 years, then became involved with competitive weightlifting and competed at the national level for several years. He believes that client education and individualized program design are key for empowering clients to achieve their fitness goals. In his free time, Ben enjoys traveling, outdoor sports, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Adam Cebula

    [bio coming soon]

  • Taylor Karr

    Taylor started his fitness journey over a decade ago and has never looked back. He believes it is never too late to start a new goal, make new habits, and create new dreams. Taylor is passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals by designing effective training programs that match his clients lifestyle.

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